It's going down...for real.

I'm hoping to get to Europe this summer.

1.) To commemorate my Dad's life; I intend to gather Scottish earth to grow a flower in my home for my Dad, as he deeply loved nature and photographing natural beauty.

2.) I intend to film a mini-documentary about the journey and the goal of gathering earth.

3.) To Wrestle in some of the best companies in the UK

4.) Should I retain, to defend the Fully Loaded Wrestling Heavyweight Title in some UK companies as I tour.

All hands on deck. All donations and love can be sent to on PayPal or you can e-mail me directly at for instructions on how to donate with any major credit cards.

This isn't just for fun, though I hope it will be a blast. It's to commemorate a man's life and mission on the planet earth, to bring healing to a wounded family, and to bless those who lose their loved ones after the making of the documentary / project. I intend to help people with this journey, and those who give will go with me, in my thoughts and prayers, as I travel.

Jump on, mates. We've only just begun.


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