Catch Up

Sorry to be a bit behind, guys. Working on media projects and other gigs. Had a huge weekend for Fully Loaded Wrestling fall through due to the Venue backing out. Something about Pro Wrestling not being wanted. Call me naive, but they had a signed contract stating that Fully Loaded Wrestling was Pro Wrestling and it was coming to their venue for a Pro Wrestling event. I wish they'd have told us sooner that someone decided against Pro Wrestling for their venue.

Whoever made that call, I hope the best for you. Truly. But you hurt a group of dedicated and talented individuals who work hard at what they love. And it's an insult to get notice 48 hours before the events that we don't get those shows / bill money / rent money / merch money. Just saying it hurts, more or less. Looking forward to the next Fully Loaded shows, but those are 14 hours north. The ones cancelled were 6. I looked forward to being home in time to see my daughters with funds that would have made January a bit easier to navigate.

No complaints, though. Life is blessed and we must all #KeepLookingUp. We must open our eyes and look somewhere. We can look toward the mud that holds us back, the quicksand that pulls us down...or upward and onward.

That choice is ours.

I love you all.

-Stephen / Chainsaw King

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