Pick Your Spot

A few years back a few hungry indie wrestlers took to an unknown motel in Minot, North Dakota. They put a few ladders around a lovingly-used ring. They hung a shining silver briefcase above it. And then the show began. 

Hours later, the hype was real and the vibe was on fire. The music hit, the competitors roared down to the ring, and then...the chainsaw revved. There's never been a reaction quite like it, nor a feeling in my soul quite so special. I parted the curtain and they rose.

My nation, my #ChainsawNation, rose up with me.

Tonight we're doing it again. Tonight we rise up as one. We climb, we fight, we struggle...and we all win. We all get rocked, entertained, and blown away. Tonight we all climb from the hells of normality to become legendary once more.

Legends don't last forever...but they shine bright for a long time. Tonight #WERISE and #WESHINE.

Business is Good.

Evil Within 2 Series!

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