The "No Thanks" Monster.

I had a client this morning. I don't anymore. That kind of sucks, doesn't it?

When family or friends turn you down, tap dance on your feelings, or reject your actual hard hurts. Deep in the guts, when you least expect it, just as you're looking for a new ray of sunlight to ride on down the yellow brick road. Right?

At the end of the day, family is family. I should know, my side is nuts. The wife's side is so splendid and caring it shocks me every time I open my eyes. I love my wife's side of my family. We made kids that her side of the family love and adore. They love us bravely.

Even Luke, the guy that turned down the designs above, has helped us out time and time again with car repairs and other stuff. Expensive stuff. I know for a fact that if I had a flooded basement or crumbling drywall, he'd be the first guy coming over.

So do our feelings get hurt? Yes, of course. Do we not get commissions? Absolutely. Do we shake hands and ride the high of success until our dream castles crumble at our flip-flops? Sure. Do we rise up and do it all again? Yes.

Do we go to the gym, or library, or pal's house, and punch-dance out our rage?

"We do. We shall. And so it must be!"  -Gomez Addams

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