I've got a few clients locking me up for the next few days but still have time to drop some cool news. Submitted and was approved for a new e-zine about wrestling and art, as well as STILL being GEEKED for the Howitzer 'zine by King Stimie of Tumbler/Instagram fame. #Published like crazy, ya'll. ;)

Pro Wrestling Revolver, FLW, 3XW, Magnum Pro...I'm so excited to work with these companies! But there's always a few days open a month and I'm finally able to drive/thrive in other states and spots. Look for this odd Chainsaw face on new flyers as soon as possible. Some bookings are in the works and others are still in the dream stage, but we're getting there babies!

All I have time for, now. I love you wondrous cats. God is good and life is blessed. New daily videos soon! There's just been a lot going on. Hop over to the link below and comment on some previous #ChainsawSlays or #ChainsawPlays content and let me know what you'd like to see more of.

#KeepLookingUp #NeverBeNormal

-Stephen / @ChainsawKing

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