A full list of projects is a reason to rejoice. The hoodies are moving, the projects are arriving, and the sun keeps shining. We pray for those in the path of nature's destruction and we may also grow glum at the sight of people, both great and small, using the storms to further fear-mongering or agendas. How tragic an idea, and how immediate a vantage point and mindset.

We are creations and creators, we were taught and so we teach. How can we give fear to all those who will listen as a hand-down or worse, a weapon...or a reason to fear or hold anxiety? We are a warm tribe of humans but we all so easily fall to the power of darkening media claws that sink into our every waking moment.

May we put the phones down, the apps to silent, the fears to rest. Perhaps take deep breaths in order to find hope again. Below is an unloved video, and the sequel to Paint. Promises. Positivity. Please consider giving it a look before you return to the modern-burn world?

Also please let me know if you have any pet projects or small-business needs like logos, designs, or web work. I'd be happy to chat with you about anything you'd like or need.

Evil Within 2 Series!

Labor Day.

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