Copper Teeth, in truth...

Last night I heard the news that Duke Cornell aka "Copperhead" has an ice cream named after him at a local, much-beloved Ice Cream shop in the very heart of Omaha's Old Market. This took me a second to adjust to. A fellow I didn't really feel that close to in the beginning was seeing a cool moment that not that many have felt before. A little pride for my boy welled up. A little positive jealousy. A nod to my hopes that good dudes get something out of life.

In Minot, North Dakota, far from the warm comforts and trendy vibes of the Omaha Old Market, a sandwich shop Magic City Hoagies named a BLT the "Chainsaw King" BLT in a heart-warming ode to the popularity of my persona there. I simply bought a BLT one day...and then it was named after me. What an honor. What a feeling! Life can be kind sometimes.

Now Duke knows that feeling. My travel brother. Sounding board. Circumstantially-forced-to-be friend. It's cool as all heck, I hope, for him. I certainly love seeing our humble lives and hard work come to fruition. I love seeing it pay off, in any way, shape, or form. I'll take a gold bar or a dollar, as long as it was earned.

Please hop downtown to Ted & Wally's and grab some "Duke Cornell" Ice Cream for yourself. It's a treat for you and a nod to local companies that local arts, performers, and small businesses carry worth and merit. Please let them know that we're all open to growing and supporting one another.


Stephen "Chainsaw" King 

Labor Day.

Never Be Normal, Dearest...

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